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You’ve tried diet and exercise programs in the past… they didn’t work or completely backfired. Don’t worry – it’s not your fault.  

The YørFit Beginner’s Program is designed to keep you focused and engaged throughout the entire six weeks.

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Beginners Program

The JumpStart Challenge is YorFit’s 4 week beginner’s program designed to build a foundation of success.
You want exercise, you’re unsure of nutrition, and you need accountability… this provides all three!

In 4 short weeks, you’ll know if YorFit is your long-term solution to health and fitness goals that your life deserves.


What Exercise Does

Exercise forces your body to adapt and change into what you want… but only what you’re doing to it.

Coach-Lead Classes

Small group classes are where you’ll be motivated, inspired, and guided by professional coaches. Coaches give you all the benefits of personal training without the expensive fees and awkward silence.  No more wondering what to do, when to do it, or the need to say, “stop looking at me.”

No Class Too Hard/Easy

We’ve pioneered a leveling method for functional fitness… ensuring that NO workout is easy. We expect everyone to start off at Level 1 where exercises are taught in one minute or less.  Move on to level 2 for perfect stimulus and Level 3 for people who are competition oriented.

The Body You Want

Goals change from season-to-season. At any time chose from our muscle building classes to fat burning focus classes to a-little-bit-of-both classes. 


What Nutrition Does

Garbage in, garbage out.  But with so many fad diets, which one is the best?


Keep It Super Simple! We’re going to focus on the basics… trust us, it will provide the biggest change, the fastest, for the longest time, saving you the most sanity.

Grocery Lists

No more frustrating trips to the grocery store spending money on cucumbers and lettuce that rots in the refrigerator.  Start getting in and out while keeping your wallet fat.

Meal Plans

“Tell me what to make and when”.  Okay, you got it.  But fair warning, your family might eat more than you want to share!


What Accountability Does

It can only be provided by you, but it’s enforced by us.  We will help you achieve the expectations you set.

Personal JumpStart Coach

A dedicated coach will be assigned to you for weekly check-ins and ensure you’re on track.

Before/After Measurements

Everyone hates them, but you’ll thank us in the end! You’ll receive a body composition analysis along with a fitness review.

Team Environment

Get to know everyone… they’ll notice when you’re here… they’ll notice when you’re not! This time peer pressure works in your advantage.

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