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The Rampage WOD!

Inspired by the CrossFit Open


The Rampage WOD!

Inspired by the CrossFit Open


It’s About Fun, Community,
& Personal Triumphs

Every year, the largest all inclusive event of its kind, unites communities around the world. During this competition you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

This isn’t just for the elite athletes we’ve seen compete in the past or see on social media. Every workout is designed to make it possible for individuals of any ability, background experience, and fitness level to participate.

YørFit’s Ramtucky Rampage
The CrossFit Open Reimagined


ram·​tucky | \\ ˈram-ˌˈtə-kē
: Ramsey, MN – Home of YørFit & CrossFit Ursa
: Where urban sprawl meets rural nuts



ram·​page | \\ ˈram-ˌpāj
: to rush wildly about
: a course of violent, riotous, or reckless action or behavior


What Is It?

It’s YørFit’s way of making the CrossFit Open available for the membership, in the best way possible. 


Rampage History

What we do is take something great and make it better. For 7 years YørFit has implemented the CrossFit Open in a way that has always suited its community best.

2013 - Lone Wolf

Within the first year YørFit opened as “CrossFit Ursa”, a few lone wolves took part in the CrossFit Open

2014 - Head to Head

CrossFit Ursa members would compete head to head in front of members, spectators, and judges.

2015 - Friday Night Lights w/ STMA

Teaming up with a neighboring CrossFit gym, CrossFit STMA, we started competing as teams every Friday night.

2016 - Friday Night Lights at YørFit

With over 70 registrants, YørFit went solo on it’s large team-based CrossFit Open

2017 - Ramtucky Rampage: Inception

In one day, partners would take on all five CrossFit Open workouts. YørFit is the first CrossFit gym to every employ this.

2018 - Ramtucky Rampage: Revisited

Same great Rampage, one new year

2019 - Ramtucky Rampage: III

Rampage was going strong with no sign of stopping.

2019- Ramtucky Rampage: Double Take

The CrossFit Open 2020 was moved to November 2019. YørFit help two Rampages that year.

2021 - Ramtucky Rampage: Team Series

To continue working with COVID-19 compliances, the Rampage will be performed in limited, team-based classes

This year’s Rampage

We’ve created a way to stay involved with the CrossFit Open, despite post COVID compliance mandates

How will it work?

  • Your class time is your team for the Rampage!
  • Choose a Friday class time that you can commit to over the 3 weeks of the Open (on 3/12, 3/19 and 3/26)
  • The average of your class’s performance will determine the winning team of each week’s WOD
  • A team winner and an individual winner will be named at the finish of the 3-Week Rampage!

What Do I Get?

By partaking in the 2021 Ramtucky Rampage you receive:

  • A 2021 Ramtucky Rampage T-shirt
  • Automatic class sign-up for all 3 Open workouts (Friday classes)
Rampage Workouts
  • Based off of the 2021 CrossFit Open WODs – kept as true as possible
  • Modified for YørFit’s equipment and space capabilities
  • 4 different levels for men, women, beginners and veterans
Honor System Rules
  • Since we will NOT be using judges this year, we ask that you submit an accurate score based on the movement standards provided.
  • Class coaches will monitor and take note of bro-repping
  • Time/Point penalties will be awarded from observed bro-reps
  • Friday classes will be competing against each other
  • The class score will be the average of all participants in that class
  • Class coaches will dictate what difficulty level each particpants utilizes
Exercise CLASSES
Our Community

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